How to Lower Your Cholesterol – Naturally

29 May 2014

Lowering your cholesterol

Source: Fox News

Our liver naturally produces the cholesterol our bodies need to build new cells, produce hormones and insulate nerves. Cholesterol also enters the body through consuming cholesterol-rich foods such as eggs, caviar, liver, butter, shrimp, fast foods, processed meats, cheese, shellfish etc.

A balanced cholesterol level is essential for good health; whereas a high cholesterol level can be a dangerous risk factor contributing to heart disease.

Medication is one way to deal with high cholesterol levels, but there are also many natural alternatives:

  • reduce the consumption of high cholesterol foods
  • consume foods that naturally decrease cholesterol levels such as salmon, oatmeal and nuts
  • regular exercise regime that gets your heart rate pumping
  • supplements such as Niacin, soluble fibre and artichoke leaf

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If you have concerns about your cholesterol level, consult your doctor.

We encourage you to take good care of your health and your heart; an active, healthy lifestyle is key.

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