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CPR Assist Card

$9.95 +GST

The handy pocket-sized CPR Assist Card can help you save someone’s life in an emergency situation.

Unlike other CPR voice prompt devices available on the market, the CPR Assist Card is inexpensive, compact in size, will stick to a chest and has location markers to perform CPR.

It's more than just a voice prompter, it is a resuscitation aid.


  • Sticky back to put on clothing or exposed chest
  • Voice prompt tells user full CPR instruction
  • Graphic and text instructions for additional CPR information

One of the cards unique features is a built-in protective rescue breathing face shield. Once the sticky back is revealed, the peeled off section becomes the protective barrier. It also features instructional graphics and text as an additional guide to perform CPR.

Made from laminated card, this pocket-sized and lightweight CPR Assist Card can easily be stored in first aid kits, vehicle glove compartments, public access areas etc. It can be stored and used in a multitude of settings such as public, corporate or first response applications.

Once the card is opened, voice instructions will tell the user to stick it to the patient's chest, call for help and provide 30 minutes of CPR guidance.

The CPR Assist is lightweight and pocket-sized (approximately 5mm thick) for easy storage, transportation and application.