Philips HeartStart HS1 replacement adult electrode pads

$190.00 +GST

Philips HeartStart HS1 replacement adult electrode pads

Philips HS1 Pad Update 

Last year Heart Saver informed customers that Philips had issued a notification about a potential defect in the Philips M5071A (adult) and M5072A (infant/child) gel electrode pad products for use specifically with the HeartStart HS1 AED units.

Philips has confirmed that they have updated their Adult Electrode Pads for the HeartStart HS1 model and customers may be eligible to receive free-of-charge replacement electrode pads. To access these replacements, you must provide your information (inclusive of AED serial number and current Adult Electrode Pads LOT#) via the Philips online form here. Philips will then advise if you qualify for a free replacement set.

The replacement program is managed by Philips, and all queries need to be directed to Philips. For our regular customers, once you have received your new pads from Philips, you can update your details in our database here.

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