Frequently Asked AED Questions

How to maintain and use an AED

Can you use a defibrillator on someone with a pacemaker?
What should I do if I use my AED in a rescue?
Why is my AED beeping?
What's this date on my battery?
Why do AED electrode pads expire?
Are AED electrode pads reusable?
Do children and adults need different AED pads?
Can an AED be used on a wet surface?
How do I know my AED is functioning properly?
How do I know when my AED's battery needs to be replaced?
Should the AED battery be in the machine at all times?
When my AED arrives, what should I do to set it up?
How do I know when my AED's electrode pad needs to be replaced?
Can an AED be used on a person who's wet, like someone who was pulled out of a pool?
Why doesn't my AED show any status on its indicator (e.g. no blinking light)?
How do I know if I need to upgrade the software for my AED?
Are AED electrode pads interchangeable among different brands of AEDs?
What is the best way to dispose of an old AED battery?

Buying an AED

Why should I buy an AED?
Why are AEDs so expensive?
There are so many different AEDs to choose from. Which one is right for me?
Semi-Automatic vs. Fully-Automatic AEDs?
Will an AED save everyone in sudden cardiac arrest?
What happens when a product is on backorder?
What's the soonest my order can ship?
Do you ship internationally?

General Information About AEDs

What is an AED?
Why is an AED better than CPR?
How does one use an AED with CPR?
Do I have to be trained in order to use an AED?
Is my AED safe to touch? What if I accidentally shock someone or myself?
I didn't purchase my AED from Heart Saver, can I still buy electrode pads and batteries?
Are AEDs safe to use on anyone?
Who can use/operate an AED?
What's the difference between a hospital defibrillator and an AED?
Where is a good location to place my AED?

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