Scenario-Based Training

Members of your team may be trained in first aid, but have you ever seen them under pressure?

Have you put their theory to use, outside the classroom? What about the rest of your employees – would they know what do in the case of an emergency at your particular workplace?

Our scenario-based training is the best way to put your employees under some pressure and test their reactions. Having them trained in first aid is one thing; getting them to respond to an actual emergency is another.

We'll come to your workplace and mock-up a realistic medical emergency to get the adrenaline going and put everyone through their paces.We'll watch their response, audit their reactions and give feedback and advice on how they could improve their approach next time. Please note; our courses are not assessed for NZQA unit standards.

Our scenario-based training offers

  • The scenario is tailored specifically to you and your workplace. An employee crushed under heavy boxes, forklift overturned, customer unresponsive in reception – we'll create something that resonates with potential risks within your environment and line of work.
  • We assess the reactions and abilities of your team, and your company emergency response plans.
  • We give on-the-spot feedback.
  • We address the areas of weakness and rectify them with demonstrations and training.
  • We'll run through as many scenarios as you want – you have us on site for half a day.
  • We can provide further first-aid training as necessary.

Get in touch today

Our Scenario-Based Training is designed to be run on-site at your workplace with minimal disruption and travel time for your attendees.

If you're interested in our training course, please fill out the form, email us at, or call us on 0800 233 342.


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