AED Testing & Performance Verification

Heart Saver offers annual performance verification testing of AEDs.

Our performance testing is performed on-site by one of our trained professionals using internationally recognised and industry-leading AED analysis equipment and testing procedures.

It is optional, but we highly recommended that you undertake this service annually.

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Why do you need testing?

A status indicator/light is not a guarantee that your AED will shock. We recommend all AEDs are checked once a year, to make sure the unit is ready to go when / if you need it and to show you have exercised due care. For example, in some cases, we've found the unit has been used, and no one has replaced the pads, or the adhesiveness of the pads has degraded over time, making the device ineffective.

How does it work?

The output is measured using our analysis equipment, to ensure your unit meets the parameters set down by your AED manufacturer. On successful completion of the service, your AED will receive a Test & Tag label, and you will receive a test report outlining the performance results of your AED.

AED battery and electrode pads have expiry dates. We keep a record of these details for our clients to guarantee replacement in time.

Our annual on-site checks include


  • A machine-simulated 'live shock' testing.
  • Full functionality testing.
  • Battery and pad expiration check.
  • Physical inspection and cleaning of your AED & components.
  • Full written inspection and performance report.
  • Cabinet/bracket integrity check.
  • Inclusion on AED Locations website if applicable.
  • Sourcing of replacement batteries and electrode pads on the expiration.

All of this for a low annual cost of $149+GST

 Make AED Maintenance a little easier 

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  • Know your AED will be checked and tested, without having to think about it
  • Know your AED pads, batteries and other accessories are in working order
  • Get discounted pricing if you sign up for a 3 year or 5 year contract
  • Peace of mind that your AED has been live shock tested by our trained professionals using internationally recognised and industry-leading analysis equipment and testing procedures
  • Better manage cash flow
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Happy Customers


Great communication and well-organised service. Good to know our AEDs are kept up-to-date and working for any future emergencies.
Rocket Lab
If it wasn't for your staff member dropping in that day, the significant investment in the life-saving medical device would have been worthless, it had been sitting unused for more than four years, our consumables were expired and needed urgent replacing for future use. We now have a plan in place including training for all staff to be able to save a life. Thank you, Heart Saver.
Stella B.
Paramount Services Limited
Heart Saver has been great to deal with, nothing is ever a problem, and our questions get answered immediately. The friendly team organise our yearly check and explain costs involved. Replacement batteries / pads are always checked and arranged prior to yearly check. Always a pleasure dealing with the friendly team.
Mel N.
Concretec NZ Limited
Heart Saver has been our "go to" company whenever we require AED parts or new equipment. The annual service is thorough and gives us peace of mind that we will be competent in an emergency.
Eden Dental Centre
I have a yearly defib test, and they set it all up and it gets done. So easy to work with! Highly Recommend!
Sea Products 1998 Ltd
They make the process so easy - the automatic replacements for AED parts and reminders for servicing make it so we don't have to keep on top of anything from our end.
James & Wells
I started my job at the exact time when there were major changes to our business. I had to review our AEDs to ensure they were all posted at the correct location. Staff had placed the wrong AED at the wrong location, making it difficult to reference during repairs and services. Heart Saver assisted me to review serial numbers and the correct placement across the site. They also identified an AED that was missing and updated my inventory list, according to the new placements etc. Thanks, Heart Saver it is now much easier to manage.
Josh L.
Waitoa Industrial Estate Limited
As a family business, it is important to us that we have all the safety measures in place at our work site in order to care for anything that may or could happen as far as health and safety goes. Heart Saver has made this incredibly easy for us by coming in and checking our equipment, training us on how to use the equipment and checking and maintaining it. Their communication and notification are excellent. I highly recommend them. Thank you, Heart Saver.
Customer Survey Response
Heart Saver has maintained our AED and been helpful with answers when we have had queries. They have also gently prodded me to regularly do monthly checks of the equipment, which gives me peace of mind that the equipment won't let us down when we need it to perform.
Warren Y.
Ongare Point Residents and Ratepayers Association
Heart Saver staff are fast, friendly and efficient and it is good to know our AED is always ready for use if ever required.
Trayne & Co Realty
Clean and tidy annual service.
Sean S.
Oji Fibre Solutions
I wanted to give some feedback on the recent service on our defibrillator. We are blown away by the incredibly quick turn around on this unit which arrived back this morning. We are very impressed and look forward to our continued working relationship.
Godfrey Hirst - Dannevirke
Your tech has just been and completed our service check and replaced the battery and pads unit. Fabulous service from a fabulous guy – helpful, knowledgeable, and extremely obliging – awesome to have visitors on our site like him. Thanks again – top-notch service!!
HG Group
Our AED was due for an annual test as we went into Level 3 lockdown in Hamilton. Heart Saver advised that we could send it to their premises in Auckland for testing. We couriered it up in the afternoon. The next day we were contacted before lunch to advise that it had been completed. We received it back at 8:00 the next morning. Very impressed with a 36-hour turnaround. Professional, friendly and helpful service. Thank you.
Waikato Tractors Limited

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Our AED Testing & Performance Verification is a low-cost, effortless, and highly recommended service to ensure the longevity of your AED devices. Keeping your AED in working order is essential in case of an emergency.

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