Heart Saver AED Rentals

$150.00 +GST

Heart Saver's AED rental option enables you to implement an AED programme and provide a safe environment while assessing your long term needs.

AED rentals can be treated like any other hire or lease equipment for organisations or individuals.  Our short and long term rental options are ideal for:

  • Sporting events
  • Seasonal sport teams and organisations
  • Short term projects e.g. construction
  • Construction teams working remotely
  • Your own holiday
  • Organisations evaluating which AED model best suits their needs
  • Personal peace of mind whilst away from a home base
  • Organisations with short term projects away from their home base

Heart Saver AED rentals periods available :

  • Weekly Rental $150 + gst
  • Monthly Rental $230 + gst
  • 3 Month Rental $445 + gst
  • 4 Month Rental $500 + gst
  • 6 Month Rental $600 + gst
  • 12 Month Rental $900 + gst

Our AEDs are semi automatic and designed for easy use.  Included in the rental pack is: 

  • AED
  • Carry Case
  • Training via video link
  • All accessories required

A completed AED rental agreement is required before delivery.

Contact us today at to discuss your requirements.

Rent to own options also available.