Heartsine Defibrillator SAM 500P

$4,113.50 +GST

The semi-automatic HeartSine samaritan PAD 500P is a lightweight, compact AED that offers high environmental protection in an easy-to-operate system. The two-button operation with step-by-step verbal guides makes it easy and intuitive to use for any first responder. HeartSine also incorporates the electrodes and battery into one cartridge for easy use and maintenance.

The SAM 500P offers integrated real-time CPR feedback providing specific feedback on the force and rate of compressions.

It resists shock and vibration and carries an IP56 rating, the industry’s highest rating against dust and water. It can be taken and used virtually anywhere, even in inclement conditions. It also carries an 8-year unit warranty.


  • Voice and visual prompts
  • Integrated real-time CPR feedback
  • IP56 rating
  • SCOPE™ biphasic technology
  • Single-Use Pad-Pak Cartridge
  • 8-year warranty
1x Heartsine Samaritan PAD 500P Semi-Automated Defibrillator
1x Single-Use Pad-Pak Cartridge
1x First Responder Tool Kit
1x Soft Carry Case
1x AED Test Tag
1x Operator’s Guide
Dimensions: 18.4W x 4.8D x 20H (cm)
Weight: 1.1 kgs
Heartsine PAD 500P Data Sheet
Heartsine PAD 500P User Manual

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